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An exploration of intimacy

I AM THAT I AM stages real people with differing sexual identities, paths, aspirations, who all share one common point. They have let go of the fear of judgement to embrace sex as a space of exploration that makes them feel so alive, free and empowered. Sex as a place to meet and find themselves. Sex as a sense of healing.

Director: Audrey Mascina
Producer: Hugo Latorre
Director of Photography: Nicolas Sola, Ludovic Zuili
Stylist: Juan Camila Rodriguez
Editor: Antoine Deslandes
Colourist: Matthieu Toullet, Philip Louis Hambi
Post Production:
Composer: Henry Grillot
Make Up Artist: Allison Caraton, Julie Bascara
Making Off / Photos: Mafe Espitia
Production Designer: Lucuos Ricardo Mejia
Assistant: Ivan Burtnieks

Starring: Tomás Jaramillo, Sssxula, Ricc Domínguez, Yasmin Fröjd Amoura, Camo Cajares Cortés, Aleix Lorente, Katarina Pepichova, Simona Sibilla, Sandra Dangers, Gonçalo Rochato, Ari, Cacao Díaz, Francis Ackon, Marçal Bert, Jaume Miró, Kevin Michaelis, Amanda Araújo AKA KAYK, Brenda Stefanny Bernal

Production: Crack Films