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A groove-fuelled dance track from the Iberian artist’s upcoming album

Director Angello Faccini and choreographer Diego Mur of NOHBORDS team up for the groove-fuelled dance track “Igwee” from Suricata.

Opening with a richly-colored, 3D animation landscape from Armando Diaz Larrera and Luis Mejía, the film quickly falls into a dark, pulsating underground dance performance evocative of the iconic clubs that you would find in Berlin.

This is the first of a 14 tracks that make up a collaborative project called The Only Way Out is In by Suricata. This album explores the constant tensions between desire and fear in our projections of the future our identity

Director: Angello Faccini
Production: Violeta Films
Choreography: Diego Mur (NOHBORDS)
Executive Producer: Federico González, Alex Albert
Producer: Constanza Pérez, Ana Cardona
Cinematography: Angello Faccini
Costume Designer: Daniela Navarrete
Mask Design: Carlos Román
Editor: Ben Sebastián Sedas
Color & VFX: Luís Rojas

Dancers: Tonatiuh Saguilan, Carla Segovia, Brenda Loustaunau, Juan Carlos Shoker, Elisa Romero Ramírez, Maja Størseth, Ximena Robert Covarrubias, Rogelio Arrañaga Gómez, Alberto Munguía Hernández, Fernanda Salas

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